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Kashmir is an exotic place, known for its charming bounties of nature , rivers , lakes , natural springs, alluring and majestic sweeps of forested mountains tempered with flowering meadows , altogether making it an adorable place to visit. But making this picturesque place a real unforgettable and memorable experience, I just figured out a list of various things which should not be missed out to feel its real essence. Check this out…!!

1. Staying in Houseboat

Visiting Kashmir and not been in houseboat is like that you lose a great deal . House boats are a part of traditional culture of Srinagar, built from deodar trees, craved extremely intricately. It is almost a beautiful experience to count staying on the lake with a homely experience , enjoying the views , the mountains , the gardens , the birds and beautifully decorated shikaras to take you to a ride to this mobile world.

2. Shikara Ride

A beautifully decorated wooden boat built from deodar driving you with your beloved amidst the floating vegetable gardens , flower markets specially water lilies all made you mad to feel the amazing view and its romantic essence . Its just so amazing to have a ride like this.

3. Dressing up like Kashmir ki Kali

Getting photographed amidst the lake wearing that brightly coloured libaas(dress) of Kashmir is just you’ll get your heart out for, behind the picturesque views, holding their daily use entities is somewhat makes you feel like a model for a few moments. Something, that you’ll always cherished in your life and get a huge smile on your face.

4. Enjoying Maggie at mountain peak

Though Maggi has been banned in India , but at steep valleys or sitting besides the waterfall in Kashmir , its still a constant supply and having a spoon of it with snow lad mountains and water fall by your side, all makes it so delicious and tempting again.

5. Kashmiri Kahwa

‘KASHMIRI KAHWA’ is a popular drink or beverage served everywhere in Kashmir flavoured with Kesar(saffron) in green tea, Its something that keeps your tongue relishing every time and makes you refreshing also

6. Plucking Apples from Apples Orchid

Always being a decent, never tried to theft something when someone is there to guard it… then, apple orchids in Kashmir is a perfect place to let the childish side of you out, just pluck the one and running away from one of the private farms while heading to Pahalgam is something you’ll always embraced. Atleast, I do when I plucked one and said on being caught, that it had fallen on ground, a little lie doesn’t matter….;)

7. Kashmiri Pulav and Nadru ki Sabzi

Being a hard core vegetarian, I could not try my hand at their all delicacies, apart from it, the most famous and a must try delicacies for veggie that I can count is Kashmiri Pulav and Nadru ki sabzi which is just so deliciously cooked there, almost its fragrance make you add. I remember my day when I just scrounged a bowl of it even I was not hungry.

8. Playing Snowballs

Throwing snowball or snow fight is that childish prank capable of generating an innocent child back in you. Snow is something that you get in any season in some parts of Kashmir and playing with it is something we always thought for . Aleast ,I Do…!!!

9. Donuts in Gulmarg

With a way from Srinagar to Gulmarg I’m sure your tongue will be licking to find yummy donuts in each and every shop that passed in Gulmarg. So, just go ahead, give it a try too, don’t hold yourself.

10. Horse riding

Afraid of being on a horse in the steepy, rocky terrain, then cut out all your fears, horses in Kashmir, especially Pahalgam are the most trained one, they’ll not let you fall in spite of the harsh terrains, they take you safe to up and down and quite, a thumbs up from my side. I got the most amazing horses and horse riders during my travel. So, just get your fears out, enjoy the breathtaking views, click awesome photographs and embrace the nature at its best.

So, here my list ends for letting you Kashmir at its real essence, if you want to add some more experiences or picks from your travels, feel free to share it with me and everyone in the comment section below.

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