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Jodhpur, best known as blue city or sun city as it is believed that the first rays of sun fall on this city. Known for its tradition, culture, heritage and colours, the city shows various prospects for having splendid and memorable visit. The main places that must be in your priority while visiting the Jodhpur city are:



Built and discovered by Rao Jodha in 1459 A.D. is one of the oldest fort in Jodhpur, known for its marvellous structure, it hostages various museum showcasing the things held by the rulers from 14th century to 18th century. It is a lively example of architecture of ages as the part of it have been constructed till 18th century. The museum consists of hammocks, beautiful antique palanquins, hathi howdahs(elephant seats), swords, canons and the worldwide known Marwar Paintings which are just worthwhile for spending time and embracing its beauty.

Jaswant Thada


Located 600 metres from the fort, it is the beautiful marble architecture, carved out delicately and intricately on marble sheets. It is the place of honoring cenotaphs in order to commemorate the valor and courage shown by the various rulers of Rathore clan. It was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh in memory of his father, Maharaja Jaswant Singh II in 18th century and it embarks the glory of the various rulers till date holding the portraits of various Maharajas and things of their importance. The marble sheets are so intricately carved out in its architecture that they illuminate a light when the sun rays fall on it. Earlier the cenotaphs were used to built in Mandore Gardens, but now the magnificent Jaswant Thada is served as a burial ground of the rulers of Rathore clan.

Umaid Bhawan Palace


Umaid Bhawan Palace where the present Maharaja Gaj Singh is living with his family,  the part of the Palace has been turned into museum exhibiting the heritage owned by their ancestors from 18th century till date , part of it owned by Taj hotels and is used as a hotel with an exorbitant charge 650 USD per night and rest is used by the royal family for a pleasant stay. It is also known as Chittar palace since the rocks used to build the entire palace has been brought from the Chittar hill. The museum consists of a quirky collection of clocks in windmill and lighthouse shapes, must say, one of my personal favorite place in the palace, it is an antique collection of all the watches till 20th century , thats my personal favorite in the Palace. The classic vintage cars of the Maharajas are on the display in the garden in front of the museum and can be taken for a ride too, if your pocket is well enough to pay for the rent of the ride….!!

Ghantaghar Market

    4. Ghantaghar market

Clock Tower is the central attraction in the Old City. It was constructed by Maharaja Sardar Singh in the 18th century, offering a good view of the fort. It is the shopping paradise for the shopaholics as one can find handicrafts, saris, spices, vegetables and a lot more there. The famous Mochi Bazaar is also located there where the colorful pagdis can be purchased at an inexpensive price.

Mandore Gardens

    5. Mandore Gardens

Earlier capital of Marwar before Jodhpur was founded is a point of historical importance. Its the place where cenotaphs dated back to 11th century were built out of sandstone, the marvellous architecture they are. In spite of cenotaphs, it holds a well stocked museum of the things hold by the rulers, the main attractions are crocodile skin and tiger skin hunted by Rathore rulers. It also consists of a ruined Mandore fort which once used to be a marvellous structure but now only its remains are left. Its the best place to spend your evenings there embracing the beauty of cenotaphs and chatris.

Covering these five places, will cover most of Jodhpur in a day, but if seeking for more, there are many ancient temples in a city to visit and also its good for shopping as well.