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Chalo Bulawa aya h mata ne bulaya h

It was considered as the difficult trek some years ago, but now, I must say planning for Vaishno Devi is just not a big deal nowadays as Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board has made trek to Mata Rani so comfortable and at ease that it can be reached without any stress or anxiety but still there are few recommendations from my side which should be taken care of while planning out there .

Darbar of Vaishno Devi

1. Book Yatra Permits beforehand

Gone are the days when one has to wait for long hours to get the yatra permit. The yatra permit can be available directly on the shrine board website. Just have to check with the particular date on the website and with few steps of entering your details, you are done with it .

2. Book your stay in Vaishno Devi

As the things are getting more comfortable these days, so the options of staying at cheaper prices. Staying at various places from Katra railway station to Badganga , Ardhkuwari to Bhawan , everywhere the government registered stay is available at competent prices . But the only key to book them is confirming them at least a month before.

3. Carrying your identity Cards

From issuing the yatra permits to booking an electronic auto rickshaw for a drive in a newly built shortcut way from Ardhkuwari to Bhavan , if your legs hurt, it could be easily done if one is having identity cards with him.

4. Carrying a Post-paid connection

J & K State , India’s highly sensitive area surrounded by high mountains, so the prepaid network almost doesn’t work in that secluded heights, the only connection that work is post-paid connection . So , for staying connected , go there with at least a Post-paid connection that works best there.

5. Fix deal with a horse Riders

While , I strongly oppose for horse riding in Jammu at it is the most worst horses there which makes your body hurt more than that of walking . But if you strongly desire of riding on horse , then must fix a deal with them beforehand as there may be chances that they could be turned off in between the trek and cause you a trouble . So be sure to fix the deal beforehand confirmed.

steepy hills of Vaishno Devi

These are just some of pinpoints which must be cared of while travelling to Vaishno devi, though it is most safest and easily accessible place, have faith on the goddess and everything works out best itself for you.