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The Golden city,Jaisalmer is one of the royal heaven in India , I have ever experienced in my life. From the historical importance to the intricate and delicate carvings on yellow sandstone, the city holds more than a memorable experience that one ever longed in life . From the crests and troughs of sand dunes to the witness of the traditional culture, the city shows many shades. Letting more closest view of the city in a shorter span, I just recommend following experiences that must not be missed out when planning for Jaisalmer:

1. Moonlight Camel Desert Safari

Jaisalmer, the desert city is best known for its deserted experience through the desert ship, camel, truly that must be an unforgettable experience,  but I personally recommend to search for a full moonlight day in a month you are travelling, as thats the best time when you can feel the beauty of the desert at its closest and in extreme light, its the time when  its  amazing crests and troughs of sweeping sand dunes come up like an ocean of pearls whirling all around you . The rarest of the rare view of the desert that one could imagine in his life, its the most unimaginable and unthinkable moment.

2. Watching Sunset and Sunrise

What’s so special about watching a sunset and sunrise in a desert, just imagine what it feels to watch the crimson glow of sunset hiding behind the dune,  it is just so serene, so calm, the thing that is not to be missed out while in a desert. It was the feeling when I thought that everything around me just become still, the utmost peace that one always seek in our hustle bustle lives.

3. Enjoy rural culture

Staying in a desert inside the luxurious Swiss tents is one thing and watching the rural culture while living there is different. But in a shortest span, this can’t be possible, so most of the desert camps does this by creating an unforgettable evening in terms of the rusty music and folk dance that stamped your feet on the beats of their indigenous instruments . The beating of the folklore is one that leaves one spell bound in a desert.

4. Camping in Desert

Haven’t been jumped out from your comfort zone, then camping in desert is one that even make uniterested person to adventurous.It was just one thing to stay in a hotel, but staying in camp in mid of desert is quite unusual , enjoying the folklore ,cold desert sand dunes and a starring sky above your head is the incredible experience that one longed for.

5. Gazing at stars

Relaxing and lying on cold desert sand , gazing at stars , trying to find the shooting star , searching for north pole star is something we hardly get time to experience in our busy lives , but while staying in desert , this night watching at sky is must to be cherished out.

6. Boating in Gadisar Lake

It almost sounds impossible to find that plenty of water available in for boating in desert area like Rajasthan but Gadisar lake makes it possible which once constructed as an water conservative tank in 19th Century is now an hostage of flock of migrated birds, its just a paradise of bird watchers in a winter season.


7. Vibrant Roof tops in the Hotels

Jaisalmer is the best known for its colourful rooftops and the ambience , the one which is not available anywhere else .Sipping a tea with delicious breakfast among so many colours , I ‘m sure you will love this.

Enjoying with vibrant roof tops

8. Heritage Walk

The city is a royal heaven, and its heritage can be endorsed while walking into its streets, embracing the delicate carvings on havelis which are made out of yellow sandstone, for a second, you was just shocked to feel the fact that it was done all with hands with an extreme perfection which is only possible by machinery nowadays.

9. Local Food

The delicacies of Rajasthan, be it dal Baati Churma, Gatte ki sabzi are famous world wide . So, if you are planning for Jaisalmer , just don’t miss to scrounge the local food, though it is only available at some of the restaurants . I must say, it was so healthy and tempting, when I tried it out.

Local Thali with Omi Dhaba

I hope I am able to cover all the basic things that you should do, but if there any more you want to add, don’t think to leave a comment in the comment section below and if you love my post, don’t forget to like and share my post…;) 😛