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Jaisalmer ‘ The Golden City ‘ is my personal favorite and on my top bucket list when it comes for visiting tourist destination in India ,because of the culture and heritage the city holds. Sticking to their culture , the intricate carvings on sandstone , the local food , the puppets , the serene and isolated desert all  makes it an appeasing to be once in the city . With so many artistic structure , monuments in Rajasthan ,I ruled out the most preferable places in Jaisalmer if you do not have much time to spend in a city. These are :

>Golden Fort

1. Golden Fort

Its the most marvellous structure and the centre attraction of the city camouflaging its colour from yellow in dawn to golden in dusk . Built by Maharawal Jaisal ,in 1156 A.D on Trikut Hill, its one of the living fort known worldwide hosting around 4000 people of Brahmins and soldiers , the descendants to their armies . Moreover , the two cannon points in the fort gives an amazing panoramic view of Jaisalmer city . Its the masterpiece of architecture with its highly delicate and intricately carved windows, doors and walls.


2. Patwon ki Haveli

One of the largest haveli in Jaisalmer having extremely delicate carving on Jharokhas(windows), wall paintings and gateways making it extremely difficult to get your eyes out from them appraising its beauty. Its a cluster of five grandiloquent havelis built by Gunar chand Patwa in 19th century and were gifted to his son. Out of the 5 havelies the two havelis showcase the museum of various handheld things used by them in the 18th & 19th century.

Natmal Ki Haveli

3. Nathmal ki Haveli

Its an indistinguishable architecture built by two real brothers , Hathi Khan and Lalu Khan with a bet of creating the marvellous piece of architecture having each and everything in it differently styled . The carving and the difference are so delicate and intricate that it makes them really indistinguishable embellishing them to realise the intelligence they both had.

4. Salim Singh ki Haveli

It is distinct architecture  from 17th century having an extended arched roof in the shape of a peacock . It is an incredible masterpiece having 38 balconies such that each having unique and distinct designs.

5. Sam Sand Dunes

Located at an distance of around 40 Kms from the city of Jaisalmer , The Sam Sand dunes is most recommended place to visit in Jaisalmer . Its just like an inanimate ambiance of stretching across the sand dunes , Camal safari along the marvellous crests and throughs and crimson horizon at the sunset altogether drops you at a memorable experience that one wished for. Along with that , the rusty music and folk dance of folklore depicting the rural culture of Rajasthani folk is something not to be missed out.

Gadisagar Lake

6. GadiSagar Lake

Built for a noble cause , to come up with a solution of having drought in the 14th century is the best place for sightseeing in Jaisalmer. It shares a piece of history too where the main entrance gateway to the lake is built by a prostitute, who prevented the gateway from being dismantled by imbibing an idol of lord krishna to it. It consists of various temples with the most noticeable being krishna temple on the Tilon Gate .Apart from it, boating is the exciting thing to do especially in winter season when it becomes a place for hosting a flock of migratory birds . Hence , for bird lovers , its a must visit place

Bada Bagh

7. Bada Bagh

It is cremation ground of the dauntless rulers of the Jaisalmer city . It holds the Cenotaphs of the royal families from 16th century to 20th century, the tradition situated with the creation of cenotaphs itself makes it worth visiting place. Along with it, its the most greenest place as it holds a dam , a tank and a garden sideways. Embracing its history is one thing you can do here.

8. Kuldhara Village

An abandoned village or haunted village or a cursed village , Some of the best phrases to describe this village. The word haunted itself makes it an irresistible place to go and add in your list with a quote ” wow , I am with a Ghost..!!” though you will not be getting any ghost here but it is said that the village has been cursed by the community residing there who vanished the village in just one night  till then nobody dare to reside there. Some of the ruins of the village are still there.

9. Tanot Mata Mandir

The temple is located approximately 150 Kms from Jaisalmer city and lies close to the war site of Indo Pakistan’s war of 1971 . The temple is currently maintained by the border security force of India. It also holds a small museum of preserving a collection of unexploded bombs dropped in Pakistan during 1971 war . A glimpse of the temple is shown in the famous movie Border.  It is one of the least tourist places in Rajasthan due to its remote location and hence makes it more tempting to visit while planning for Jaisalmer.

These are some of the must visit places in Jaisalmer, if you recognise some other places to its nearby, leave your comment in the comment section below, will love to head to those places too and share my experiences with everyone.

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