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Impeccably, Kashmir is one of the most beautiful place surrounded by innumerable bounties of nature like rivers, mountains , meadows of flowers, waterfalls and lakes. But what makes it more beautiful and irresistible is its geographical scenario surrounded by Himalayan Ranges on one side and Jhelum river on other. Srinagar , Capital of Kashmir for summer is one such perfect example of showing the geographical diversity . Surrounded by Jhelum river , the people here themselves adapted to the flowing streams and created their own mobile world on ‘Dal Lake’.  For me, It was just like that I had ended into a small world of my favorite cartoon “Aerial The Little Mermaid”.

a lady rowing a ferry across a Dal Lake

It is an astounding new world over there, the mobile markets, people roaming around the lake using boats for their daily households, the floating water lily gardens, the natural herbs or vegetables growing in between the lakes glued my eyes to the picturesque beauty of lake.

With a mobile world surrounding beside you, who does not want to stay there. We took a famous Shikara ride to explore the beauty of lake and it was just so amazing with the famous Meena Bazaar to the mobile eateries all coming on your way to serve you delicacies. It was just like I was living one of my fantasy.

To Capture a dream in to frame, to prove that it is just beyond your imagination, there are mobile photo studios promising to give you the taste of real tradition of Kashmir, the famous ‘Kashmir ki Kali’ Look.

Kashmir ki kali

Regardless of extreme bounties of nature , I must add that the life there, no matter how much it seems pleasing but at the same time , It is challenging and struggling also , where one can find everything from honey factories to the medicos , from the confectioneries shops to the groceries , from the vegetable markets to flowers, but the only possible way to reach out to them is just by rowing a boat . We felt it , When we itself tried our hands in rowing it .

a lady purchasing grocery for her household

No Matter how challenging it is , but Its still a beautiful world that they never wanted to leave and why they should, the experience of moving with waves is something that always let their life in motion though calmly.