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Kashmir- a host of luscious evergreen pine trees, dense clouds, waterfalls, lakes just throw a charismatic effect to the infinite reaches wherever my eye falls there. But, one place in Kashmir that you’ve heard from many out there is ‘Pahalgam’ in their favorite lists – a mini Switzerland for them . True to its word , I have find it really beautiful ,serene, calm once I headed there .


The steepy hills , the breathtaking views , riding on a horse appraising the beauty at its firsthand is quite like a memorable experience one ever wished for . With so many places like Baisaron, Kashmir Valley , Pahalgam Valley , Tulyan lake at its attraction, It becomes really an irresistible option heading there.

For visiting the scenic beauty of Pahalgam, taking horse riding is a best option, as most of the horses there actually trained to ride in the steep valleys that makes them a preferable choice as well.

Pahalgam is highly pious and is a safe security point of sacred trek to Amarnath cave, located at the confluence of river Lidderwat and Sheshnag lake from Himalayas .

I took a famous horse ride to explore the spots like waterfall, Kashmir valley , Baisaran , Dubian & Pahalgam Valley . As the horse ride started , it was mesmerizing to see the magical greenery of the valley , The tallest trees, the natural plantations.

The first stopping point was waterfall , the crystal clear beauty it was and I was just taken aback with its flowing water . The next is the Kashmir Valley from where the entire view of Kashmir can be seen. It was a speehless feeling , there’s nothing more beautiful than that to appreciate the beauty from such height with a clear view.

Khilanmarg Waterfall

The next stoppage is much awaiting

‘Mini Switzerland’

also known as Baisaran , though it was not covered with ice as switzerland supposed to be in our dreams, as I got a little early to visit the place , but it still seems astonishingly beautiful and eye catching . On the way back, there exists a Dubian where it is believed that Pandavas ( from epic Mahabharata) stayed there , one should check the saffron plantation from there and the Pahalgam Valley to observe the spectacular beauty of Pahalgam at one go.

Apart from that , One could also enjoy the places like Aru valley , Chandanwari , Betaab Valley and Sheshnaag lake , but the only way out for them is hiring the local taxi. Though, I had not been there as I travelled to holy Amarnath cave by a shortest route, but knowing and appraising the scenic beauty at its hand, I must say, it must be a fab place too. Its extreme beauty itself responsible for showcasing many sceneries in our popular bollywood movies, the most recent is “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” starred by Salman Khan.

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