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Gulmarg Showcasing Unity

The picturesque view of Kashmir itself describes the splendid beauty covered with majestic sweeps of mountains , flowering meadows ,steepy hills ,evergreen pine trees all adding charm to its beauty. In spite of its beauty , the small town “Gulmarg” took my attention because of the unity it shows.  It is no need to mention that the majority of population residing there is Muslims.

Truly , the state has mosques architect well in different shapes, but what is so good than embracing its beauty at purest is the love and respect for other religions as well. Though each and every city in Kashmir has temples, Gurudwaras and mosques but I would particularly like to mention about the witnessing scene of small town “Gulmarg”.


Gulmarg , Meadow of flowers known for its gondola ride to Kungdoor and Aparvath, it’s a perfect example of showcasing unity as well . Walking towards the entrance of Gulmarg, I found a temple , a Gurudwara , a church and a mosque all together at one place . The only question that arises here is when god doesn’t differentiate , why people differentiate about the state . It shows the symbol of unity and bother hood . Indeed , its a muslim population ruled town , but the people there have respect for every other religion too. The only understanding that we have to make here is humans are just purest souls, the only difference it holds is in the way of communicating with God, it is irrespective of place and nature.

Its Gulmarg

I would also like to mention while coming down the valley, I saw a group of young school girls trekking on the roofy and steepy terrains with their male teachers, this shows the faith of parents on their people which I think we lack in metro cities and then we comment that Kashmir is not safe, but trust me, its safe, there are good and bad people everywhere, we just have to count on the good experiences and ignore the bad ones to move ahead in our life while having our conscience always open. That should be the mantra of living our life.

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