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Amarnath –Safe Journey in Shorter time

Amarnath cave in Kashmir, India is one of the pious pilgrimage for Hindus and considered as the most challenging trek as well. With narrow paths on hilly terrains, chilly winds, it becomes difficult task for the unhealthy people and older people. The cave is dedicated to Lord Shiva, situated at an altitude of 3888 m from the ground in Jammu & Kashmir State.

Holy Amarnath cave

Surrounded by highly steep mountains with river Sheshnag flowing by its side , the narrow lanes, the rocky paths, the doors of cave opened for just a month in period of July- August every year. With the fear of facing landslides and temperature dropping to lesser degrees,increasing pressure as the height increases, it almost becomes unimaginable dream for the unhealthy people . But, with the advancement of technology,this tough and challenging trek has been con reaching to sky limit.

Hilly terrains in Amarnath

The pious Amarnath cave can be reached by the following two routes :

  • 1. Pahalgam – Panjtarini – Pahalgam
  • 2. Neelgrath – Panjtarini- Neelgrath
  • The Chopper can be taken from Pahalgam helipad for around 20 Minutes journey covering Chandartal , Sheshnag on its way and other comparatively shorter ride from Neelgrath Helipad  ( 7 minutes ride only). The tickets can be purchased either from the booking window on helipad directly or from the official Shri Amarnath shrine board website. But it is always best to have previous booking from shrine board website) for the easy availability and saving time.


    I ‘ve been to this sacred place this year to fulfil the wish of my parents. I must say,it was a life changing experience for me. Thanks to technology making it really easier to access the ton the reach of skies.

    Before planning there, one thing must be kept in mind that nothing comes before health , God also stays happy when his child is fit , healthy and happy . Plan only when you yourself considered fit and has a strong passion to meet Baba Barfani aka Baba Amarnath…!