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Since the day I’ve started sharing my stories about travel experiences I had in different cities, I was asked one question by everyone “How am I funding my travels and am I getting something in return also?” So, rather than giving individual answer to everyone, I opted to write a blog on it and share my secret of travelling.

Enjoying Shikara Ride in Kashmir

So, if you are expecting some great sort of magic trick or lottery kind of thing, so let me disappoint you a little, there’s no one, means no one not even my parents who are funding my travel,then how am I doing this..?

Being just a jobless postgraduate engineer, sorry here’s a correction jobless though employed postgraduate engineer(a sense of quite relief in my mind), its quite surprising for everyone how I am doing this, so guys, here’s the straight answer,  I am having a keen passion for travelling and I saved a lot for making this true enough. Yes, you’re thinking right, I am an idiot who’s spending her saving in just following her dream of travelling world.

I always wanted my life full of adventures, I never wanted to run behind money, ending myself chaired in a 10 by 10 cubicle, I just wanted to explore the world like a free bird, and if it sounds like mad to you, then yes I am. There’s a small child in me that always pushed me to come out of comfort zone and live the life as I always wanted it to be. Trying hard to cool it down, I applied for distant universities, but always ended up matriculated within 500 kms of my comfort area and unfortunately, I had no option left rather than choosing it as  I am the youngest one in my entire family and the most pampered one too, so that becomes a obvious choice.

Wow...its Gulmarg

No sooner  than that I’ve completed my school, my college, campus selection in a good company as well, but that passion still ignited in me, I approached my friends and family to follow me up for destinations, but sometimes they are busy, sometimes they are not well, sometimes they have financial constraints and there are endless excuses. So, I decided to go myself and see the world on my own, I started saving a lot cutting all my strongest desires of wearing branded clothes, clothes in local markets also works best, getting into huge store during sale seasons, avoiding parties, saying no to all branded gadgets but Yes, I never compromised on food and taste…. for that I am always in. I started earning from small sources too like teaching, doing projects, all that worked a lot for accumulating a good amount. Now what, I am spending it to follow my passion, after all its my hard earned money and I can do anything with it, it should not bother anyone.

Yes ofcourse, I know what’s your next question going to be, then why I started this blogging to take your time, am I getting something from it. So, it all started with a gratitude for the people who showed their support in making it success after an hours of planning. Its all to thank amazing Kashmiris for letting my fear out of me and urging my mind to go on, the world is just so beautiful apart from what our literary mind said and justify, It is different, it  just need to step out boldly. But stepping out in India fearlessly considered as an idiotic decision as there are so many fears revolves around, so I started blogging about the various aspects of my travel, may be that could interest others also to be a part of my journey, if they can’t do it alone, they could through my writings and pictures. Secondly, there is a myth in everyone’s mind that bloggers earn a lot, and thats true enough for the established bloggers, but for initial bloggers its a dream. Though I have good stats of readers but that does not work too, so your click only showed me your extreme support and encouragement. I just wanted to clear this vague thought here that blogging does not makes the people rich in just couple of months, no blogger in my far far reach can become richer from just mere blogging, instead it needs almost years of constant persistence and patience.

my chunnu baby

Blogging is helping me to create a community of like-minded people, to know about the various cultural and geographical aspects of other regions of India, to make friends and the most important one, to find myself in just this big big world, a smaller version of me. Your click on my page or my blog, only helps me to connect with you, so when I reach your city, you can be my guide or a friend to enlighten my path. Its just a way of connecting with the people, knowing about them and sharing thoughts.

Be a part of my nomadic yet fun loving journey by following me up on my facebook page or my instagram account @apexshiningneha or google connect, share my posts and page so that I can grow this community larger, this is the great help and encouragement from your side, so when I travel next time, I won’t feel that I am alone on the road.

If there’s any question still hovering in your mind, feel free to ask me in the comment section below this post, I’ll try my best to figure the answer out.