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In the beautiful city of Dehradun in Uttarakhand, I surprisingly found mini Tibet on its roads near Buddha temple. There were Lamas roaming all around giving a wonderful peaceful ambiance. The smiling pacified faces of them, relaxed me internally. The houses are beautifully architectured with the parchas in their verandas giving them a beautiful Tibetian culture appearance. The fantastic aroma of Tibetian food gusty in air, It was a normal food which I used to eat frequently but may be I was so hungry, that the delicious aroma is filling up my soul and urging my stomach to eat. But I was resolute enough to explore the great Mindrolling monastry first.

It was an euphorically fabulous feeling on standing in front of the entrance door of the monastery, the beautiful Tibet architectured door made me feel like I am somewhere in Tibet. The entrance was framed with eight lucky symbols, four being on left and four on right, these symbols are lotus, wheel, bell, shell and many more.

Inside the monastry, the walls are craved with the different forms of their preachers(Guru) depicting their various intellects in the form of different gestures and forms. The bottom of the walls are engrossed with the mantras written in the mixture of language Tibeti and Sanskrit.

It was told to me by Lama that it is believed in Tibetian culture that the fruits and flowers offered to god may fall on ground or get rotten or dried once, so they have a unique way of offering their prayers to their God in form of 7 water filled bowls indicating the seven steps of Lord Buddha’s teaching. There is no prasad given as we used to get in temples and gurudwaras, instead the water that is offered is used for irrigation purposes so that the flora grows well.

All the lamas are used to take religious training by reading naah (a series of mantras written by their preachers), same like as in Bhagvad Gita of Hindus, Quran of Muslims, Bible of Christians and Guru Granth Sahib of Sikhs. Also, Its an interesting fact to know in their culture that they used to burn their dead with sattu powder so that the aroma of it fills the stomach of dead and he do not feel hungry after dying so that his soul be fulfilled. How great is that…!!!

I was quite fortunate that I got a chance to see the beautiful inside views of Great World Peace Stupa, it was embellished with the sculpture of descendent of Lord Buddha on top and descending some steps, there is the idol of present Buddha.

On the either side of the Stupa, there is an array of eight stupas commemorating the Buddha’s life. There are five shrine rooms inside the Stupa, the ground floor is dedicated to the great Indian Guru Padmasambhava who brought Buddhism to Tibet, the walls here are craved with the stories related to their birth. I’ve clicked a picture describing all the rooms in detail so that one could grab as maximum knowledge one can.

It is a dogma in Tibetian culture that by rolling their spiritual wheel in a clockwise direction which is engraved with mantra Om Namah Padme Hun, one can be freed from all of his sins perfoormed in past lives and present life. How interesting is that, just by rolling a wheel you can free from all your sins as they represent six syllables given by Lord Buddha. I took an advantage of it as well.

The serene appearance of Lord Buddha near the parking, the tallest idol of Buddha which can be seen from few meters away filled my soul with endless peace. When I reached on the top roof of the Stupa, It was an exotic feeling there, one could observe the entire view of Dehradun there and it was really amazing, so peaceful.

With the pleasing memories, I returned back with peaceful soul absorbing some of the positive facts of Tibetian culture. Truly, its a mini Tibet over the roads of Clement Town at Buddha Temple in Dehradun. I am really thankful to Lama who agreed to be my guide in my short journey to virtual Tibet and help me in guiding the Tibetian Culture.

Thankyou lama…!!